You will need

1 x Clamshell – 6 Cavity Square
76.5g Candle Shack High Performance Melt Blend (HPM)
8.5g Cosy Christmas fragrance oil
0.34g Bekro Dye - 458 - Magenta
1 x Label for clamshell
1 x *CLP label

Watch the video


1. Add 76.5g of Candle Shack High Performance Melt Blend (HPM) to a double boiler.
2. Stir the HPM until it has all melted.
3. Add 0.34g Bekro Dye 458 - Magenta. Stir the mixture at a temperature above 70°C until all dye granules have dissolved. This may take a few minutes – keep stirring! If the temperature is less than 70°C, the dye will take much longer to dissolve.
4. Add 8.5g of Cosy Christmas fragrance oil. Stir the mixture thoroughly for around 1 minute or until all fragrance oil has dissolved.
5. The addition of the fragrance oil will reduce the temperature of the mixture. When the temperature of the mixture is around 65°C, carefully pour it into the clam shell. If the mixture is too hot, it will melt and distort the clam shell.
6. Allow the mixture to cool in the clam shell.
7. When the mixture is solid throughout, close the lid and snap shut.
8. If you have a label, stick it to the front of the clam shell.
9. Stick the CLP label to the base of the clam shell.

To use your wax melts

1. Remove the slab of wax melts from the clam shell.
2. Snap off one or two blocks and melt in a wax melter.
3. Allow fragrance to fill the room
4. When all fragrance has been released, allow the wax to cool.
5. Remove the old wax and replace with fresh blocks.

Enjoy your wax melts!

* Using the Candle Shack CLP Label Design Tool, create your CLP labels with your business details. The candle CLP can also be used for wax melts. Once complete, save the labels as PDFs and print at home or upload to your chosen online printer. The CS CLP Label Design Tool can be used alongside Avery, AA Labels, and many more!