Candle Recipe with Alluring Essential Oil

Hello! We hope you have been enjoying our candle recipe videos. Today we will show you how to make an essential oil candle! For this recipe, we will use Alluring essential oil and RCX plant wax. Watch our video to find out how to make your own essential oil candle at home.

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For this recipe you will need:
- 202.4g RCX Wax
- 17.6g of Alluring Essential Oil
- LB2 Wick
- 30cl Ruby jar
- Stickum
- Sustainer

Additional tools

1 x wick pad
1 x 30cl WickClaw tool
1 x Stirring stick
1x Double boiler or microwave and a jug


% Fragrance Content

Mixing temperature

Pouring temperature


Minimum of 48 hours

Step by step guide

1). Wicking

Today we are using wooden wicks. As we are using a plant wax (RCX) we will be using a booster wick. If you prefer to use a paraffin wax you would use a single ply wick, as using a booster wick can cause too large of a flame.

Firstly, you need to attach the stickum to the base of the sustainer and stick the wick inside the candle container. Make sure it is centred.

Did you know: If you have found the perfect wick for a 30cl glass recipe this should work for our 20cl tins as they have the same diameter.

2). Measurement/Formula

For this recipe, you will need 202.4g of RCX wax and 17.6g of Alluring essential oil.

Recipe for 30cl candle formula: 8 % Alluring essential oil content + 92 % RCX wax= 220g candle (30cl)

8/100 x 220g = 17.6g of Alluring essential oil
92/100 x 220g = 202.4g RCX wax

Note: if you want to make more than one 30cl candle, multiply each measurement by the number of 30cl candles you want to make.

3). Melting and mixing

Melt the wax to 70°C then add the essential oil and stir the mixture well.

As we are using RCX which is a plant-based wax, you can heat this wax in the microwave. Heat the wax in a plastic jug for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds (based on a 900W microwave). Remove the jug from the microwave and stir until the solid wax has completely melted. If residual solid wax isn’t melting, heat further for 10 seconds and continue stirring. Repeat as necessary.

4). Pouring

Allow your wax/essential oil mixture to cool to around 38°C or when the mixture is creamy or cloudy in appearance. You can now pour your candles.

5). Setting

Remember to leave your candles set for at least 48 hours before lighting.

6). Trim the wick

Now we have an essential oil candle!

We hope this video will help you create an incredible essential oil candle so that you can then concentrate on adding the one thing we can’t. You!

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