With Our "Christmas Tree" Fragrance Oil 🎄🕯️

Newly developed 30cl candle recipe with Christmas Tree fragrance oil and Candle Shack exclusive CS1 wax. A must have addition for everyone this festive season.

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For this recipe you will need:

- 204.6g grams CS1 wax
- 15.4 grams Christmas Tree fragrance oil
- 1x 30cl glass container
- 1x LX18 Cotton wick
- 1x Stickum
- 1x 30cl wick claw tool


First of all, attach the stickum to the base of the sustainer and stick the wick inside the candle container. Make sure it is centred. Use the wick claw tool to ensure the wick is vertical.


For this recipe you will need 204.6g of CS1 wax and 15.4g of Christmas tree fragrance oil.

If you want to make more than one candle, simply multiply each measurement by the number of 30cl candles you would like to make.

A 30 cl candle glass typically contains around 220g of fragranced wax. The calculation used for this 30cl Christmas Tree candle is based on 7% fragrance content, so 93% of the candle will be wax, and 7% of the candle will be fragrance oil.

93/100 x 220g = 204.6g CS1 wax
7/100 x 220g = 15.4g of Christmas tree fragrance oil

Melting and mixing

Melt the wax to 70°C then add the fragrance oil and stir the mixture well. Do not let the wax temperature drop below 65°C.


Pour your candle at 65°C or above.

For this recipe we will use a double pour technique.

This means that around 190-200g of the wax/fragrance oil mixture is poured into the candle and allowed to solidify. As the mixture cools, it will shrink and leave a cavity in the middle. After 3-5 hours, the remaining wax is then added, filling the cavity and leaving a level surface. The time required between each pour will vary depending on the ambient temperature.


Remember to leave your candles to set for at least 48 hours before lighting.

Trim the wick

Trim the wick to 5mm for a great burning performance.

Then, light the candle!