Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

We have a surprise for you! Our R&D team has created a very unusual yet intriguing recipe- Pandora's Box. 😍 It is a must try fragrance with notes of citrus, spices, warm woods and soft florals. There is so much complexity to this scent. 💕 There is still time to create that perfect candle and gift it to a very special someone this Valentine’s Day. Ready to get started?

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- 1 x 30cl Amber Container
- 1 x CL14 Wick
- 22g Pandoras Box Fragrance oil
- 198g of RCX Wax

Additional tools

- 1 x wick pad
- 1 x 30cl wickclaw tool
- 1 x Stirring stick
- 1x Double boiler or microwave and a jug


- % Fragrance Content: 10%
- Mixing temperature: 60C
- Pouring temperature: 38C
- Curing: Minimum of 48 hours

Step by step guide

1). Wicking

First, attach the stickum to the base of the sustainer and stick the wick inside the candle container. Make sure it is centred. Use the wick claw tool to ensure the wick is vertical.

2). Measurement/Formula

For this recipe you will need:22 grams of Pandora’s Box fragrance oil and 198 grams of RCX wax.

If you want to make more than one candle, simply multiply each measurement by the number of 30cl candles you would like to make.

A 30cl candle glass typically contains around 220g of fragranced wax. The calculation used for this 30cl Pandora’s Box candle is based on 10% fragrance content, so 10% of the candle will be fragrance, and 90% of the candle will be wax.

90/100 x 220g = 198g RCX wax
10/100 x 220g = 22g Pandora’s Box fragrance oil

Calculations are based on fragrance content method.

3). Melting and mixing

As we are using a vegetable blend this can be microwaved.

Place 198g of RCX in the microwave and set your timer to 4 minutes. To avoid over-heating, remove the jug from the microwave when a lump of solid wax- the size of a tennis ball- is still present. This will ensure your wax should sit around 60°c. Stir it until the lump of wax has completely melted. Then add your fragrance oil and stir the mixture for up to 2 minutes.

4). Pouring

You want your wax to sit around 38°c before pouring. The wax should have a creamy consistency. When your wax is ready, pour all the mixture into the candle container.

5). Setting

Leave the candles to set for up to 48 hours.

6). Trim the wick

Remove the wick claw tool and trim the wick to 5mm.

7). Create labels

Use our free Label Design Tool to create CLP labels:

8). Light the candle!

Enjoy your Pandora’s box candle!