CLP Label Design Tool

Free CLP LABEL DESIGN tool is now available to all our customers. It was designed to help you quickly get an accurate label as well as combine it with safety information at the click of a few buttons.

This free tool equips you with an accurate and quick solution to CLP and will continuously be improved to give you the best user experience.

CLP Label Design Tool

CLP LABEL DESIGN – how to use it?

*Note: It is designed for desktop devices and optimised for Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Useful information


What is CLP?

CLP is an EU and UK regulation which requires hazardous chemicals to be classified, labelled and packaged accordingly to ensure a high level of protection for consumers, workers and the environment.


Is CLP LABEL DESIGN tool free?

Yes! We know how difficult and time-consuming adhering to CLP regulations can be. As such, we designed this tool to help you quickly get an accurate label at the click of a few buttons.


Can I access CLP DESIGN TOOL on mobile?

It has been specifically designed for desktop devices and is optimised for Chrome and Microsoft Edge Internet browsers.


What fragrance oils are included?

All Candle Shack fragrance and natural oils have been included. 


What type of products can I generate CLP labels for?

This tool can generate labels for Candles (10%), Candles (8%), Candles (6%), Diffusers (15% in Augeo), Diffusers (20% in Augeo), and Room Sprays (5% in non-hazardous base).


What if some of the label templates are missing?

If you can't find the CLP label you are looking for, please check the fragrance description and Safety Data Sheets, as it may be the case that there is no CLP requirement at the chosen scent content or the fragrance can't be used above a certain percentage.


Can this tool be used for custom bases, scent contents or sizes?

At the moment our CLP Design Tool can only be used to generate the labels mentioned above, however, we do offer services for custom SDS and CLP labels using Candle Shack oils or custom essential oil blends.


Can this tool generate CLP labels in other languages?

You can design your CLP labels in 24 different languages: English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.


Will 60mm labels fit on all Candle Shack containers?

Yes, they will. You can use this size of label for all Candle Shack containers apart from 9cl. 


What mass/volume information should I include in my CLP label?

You should always include NET weight. This is the weight of wax and fragrance, excluding the weight of the container.


Can I combine CLP label with safety information using this tool?

Yes, you can! If you choose to do so, pictograms on the left are mandatory. Pictograms on the right-optional, and can be chosen if they are relevant to the product. Please select the maximum of 5 safety pictograms. 

Once I finished designing my labels where can I print them?

We recommend using PRINTED.COM. They offer great prices and fast delivery service.