Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs- Short Film

Even though myriad women have stepped up and entered the world of entrepreneurship, many of their names we may not even recognise yet.

On this year’s Women’s day, we want to bring together the voices of inspirational women and share their journeys, talent, courage and lived experience.

We thought we will take this opportunity to learn more about our community ladies and show what a big inspiration they are to all of us at Candle Shack as well as to those who aspire to go down the same road.

As we know, candle making is a challenging craft to master and building a business- a difficult process to go through. The road to success is usually paved with a lot of obstacles.

But if you think how you want to live now, you have to challenge all the conventions. You have to challenge yourself to know how good you can be.

Stand up with us on this special day- 8th March- to show what a big inspiration they are to the whole community. Let these courageous women and their stories encourage you to always #choosetochallenge to be the best you can be, determine your own journey and never give up on your dreams.

We proudly present 'Female Entrepreneurs' short film. Hopefully, it inspires you all on your candle making business journey.

CreditsSarah Keeley from House of BluebelleLesley Landels from Love Scottish CandlesVerity Davis from Seven Scents HomeJodie Thomas from Charismatic CatKate, Yasmin & Zena from TIZY & CO

Producer & Director
Matthew O’Donnell



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