Disclaimer: The information in this article presents our understanding and views and is not legal advice. If you need more details on any legislation or legal advice about what action to take when labelling your products, please contact an adviser or solicitor.

I can’t fit all the CLP elements on my votive – what should I do?

There are allowed omissions for products where it is otherwise impossible to label fully, so long as the contents do not exceed 125g and the full CLP information is supplied on your product packaging.
The following hazard statements may be omitted from your votive (9cl) CLP label, but the hazard pictograms and signal word must stay:
• H315, Causes skin irritation
• H319, Causes serious eye irritation
• H410, Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects
• H411, Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

The precautionary statements relating to these hazard statements can also be omitted and remember, precautionary statements are chosen at your discretion so more could be omitted to save space. So, a 50mm full CLP label that looks like this…

Could end up looking like this on a votive…