Disclaimer: The information in this article presents our understanding and views and is not legal advice. If you need more details on any legislation or legal advice about what action to take when labelling your products, please contact an adviser or solicitor.

What CLP label should I use for wax melts?

Wax is, usually, not classified under CLP – meaning it carries no hazards/precautionary statements. Although a 10% candle and 10% wax melts are two different products, the same CLP information applies to both. The CLP label templates we make available on our website do include additional information which is out with CLP requirements as we add 5 pictograms relating to candle safety. These are not relevant to wax melts, so to use our CLP templates simply remove the 5 pictograms. If using our CLP Tool, simply don’t apply the pictograms to the label before exporting.