Candle Shack's Expansion Fuels Job Market in the Falkirk Community

Falkirk, 11th November, 2021 - Candle Shack is a major candle manufacturer to some of the worlds leading luxury brands and a trusted supplier for niche fragranced goods busi­nesses. Established in 2010, Candle Shack is family owned and based in Central Scotland, Falkirk, with R&D laboratory and established engineering and manufacturing divisions.

The story started off in a kitchen, with husband and wife team Duncan and Cheryl Maclean making candles. Fast forward to now, where Candle Shack serves businesses in over 60 coun­tries and has a highly engaged social community with nearly 11 thousand members. More than just a go-to ecommerce supply store, Candle Shack equips and gives entrepreneurs confidence by providing innovative solutions and high-quality products.

The company's purpose is simple- to help crea­tives and creators to build inspirational business­es, brands and products, by giving them all the tools and support they need to succeed.

The owners Duncan and Cheryl Maclean believe in empowerment and growth not only that of their customers but of their employees too.

Candle Shack takes personal and team develop­ment seriously- with numerous initiatives to develop young leaders and kickstarter opportu­nities investing in the next generation of business people.

The Future

Another record year on year increase in turnover has helped Candle Shack secure £4.4m investment from Maven Capital Partners, who have great confidence in the company's potential for growth.

This investment further fuels the company's expansion plans and enables the creation of up to 50 more jobs both in Central Scotland and the Netherlands, where Candle Shack is expanding its operations with a new distribution centre.

Ambitious growth plans will allow Candle Shack to better support thousands of niche home fragrance brands across Europe as well as aspiring entrepre­neurs wanting to kickstart their career in the trade.