Recipe for a spookily perfect Hallowe’en Candle!

This candle recipe has been thoroughly tested in our Lab for not only great burning performance and scent throw but is also compliant with EU regulation. Watch the video and learn how to make a spookily perfect Hallowe’en candle at home!

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You will need:

- 30cl Black Matt Jars
- CS1 wax
- Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil
- TG16 wicks
- Stickums (wick pads)
- 30cl wickclaw tool
- Bekro dye - 6099/25 – ORANGE
- Double boiler
- Stirring Stick
- Pipette
- Scales
- Thermometer


Step 1. Take your wick and press it firmly on to the stickum. Make sure to centre it correctly before removing it from the paper.

Step 2. Take your first candle jar and press the wick into the centre of the base. Secure it by pressing it down firmly.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 for all candles.


Step 3. Take your wick centring tool - a wickclaw- and place it on top of your candle jar. Secure the wick carefully into the middle. This will help to keep your wick straight. Repeat this step for all the jars.


For this recipe we will be using a fragrance content of 8% and 0.1% of dye. To calculate how much oil, wax and dye you will need, simply divide the percentage value by 100, then multiple by the weight of the candle mixture.  

For a 220g candle (30cl) with 8% fragrance content, the calculation is:
8/100 x 220g = 17.6g fragrance oil

As the candle contains 8% fragrance, it must contain 92% wax, so the calculation for the wax is:
92/100 x 220g = 202.4g wax

Now that you know how much wax you will need, use this number to calculate the amount of dye.
0.1/100 x 202.4g wax = 0.2g dye

Multiply each component’s value by the number of candles you want to make. As today we’re making 3 candles, we will be multiplying by 3.

Fragrance oil = 17.6g x 3= 52.8g
Wax = 202.4g x 3 = 607.2g
Dye = 0.2g x 3 = 0.6g

Therefore, to make 3 x 30cl (220g) candles we will need a total of: 52.8g of fragrance oil, 607.2g of wax and 0.6g of dye.


Step 5. Use a double boiler to melt your wax and bring up to 70°C. Once at this temperature, mix your dye into the melted wax. 

Step 6. Next, add your fragrance and mix well.


Step 7. Make sure that you do not let your wax go below 65°C.

There are two pouring techniques:

The first one is a single-pour- stopping 10mm from the top of your candle. For this method you will require additional tools such as a flashgun or a grill.

Alternatively, you can use the two-pour technique where you stop 20mm from the top and allow the wax to cool before adding the remaining 10mm to flatten the top of your candle.

Leave to set

Step 8. Leave your candles to set for a minimum of 48 hours.


Step 9. For the best burning performance, we recommend trimming the wick to 5mm.


Step 10. Light and enjoy your Hallowe’en candles!

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