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Natural Wax

Natural Wax is a term often used to describe plant-based waxes.  These are typically made using one or more of the following oils:

  • Soy
  • Coconut
  • Palm
  • Rapeseed
  • Plant based additives

Natural waxes are becoming very popular as people seek a plant-based alternative to mineral (paraffin) wax candles.  Although plant based waxes do not usually provide the same levels of scent throw as mineral wax candles, they can provide acceptable levels of scent throw with many oils.

Candle Shack Wax EcoSystem RCX Wax - Sample Tub
£4.06 Excl. VAT
£4.87 Incl. VAT

EcoSystem RCX Wax - 800g Sample Tub

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An 800g sample tub of our Rapeseed & Coconut (RCX) natural wax blend.  This wax is blended in Europe exclusively for Candle Shack and is made f...

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£4.06 Excl. VAT
£4.87 Incl. VAT