About Shop Pay

Shop Pay is a payment method provided by our website platform - Shopify. You may know it as Shopify Pay before it was rebranded!

Available on over 1 million stores across 175 different countries, Shop Pay speeds up your checkout experience by removing the need to enter your shipping and billing details.

Participating stores use your email address to recognise you at the checkout and after entering the security code will automatically fill your information so all you need to do is click 'Pay Now'.

Can I use Shop Pay?


In short, anyone can use Shop Pay. You will need to opt in at the checkout either on the Candle Shack store or on any other Shopify powered store.

When you opt in, you will need to supply the following info:

Your email address

Your mobile phone number (used for SMS verification)

Your billing, shipping address

Your card information for a valid credit / debit card, including the CVV

If you would like to opt in, click the checkbox when you are asked 'Save my information for a faster checkout' when you are checking out.

What if I want to shop VAT free?

Shop Pay express checkout doesn't have the additional form field that the Candle Shack checkout has to enter your VAT or EORI number.

If you want to enter your VAT exempt status, all you need to do is click 'Checkout as guest' at the bottom of the Shop Pay page, and you can checkout with your tax number on the Candle Shack checkout page - See the section boxed in green below:

What type of payments does Shop Pay offer?

Shop Pay can accept the following cards:

• Visa

• Mastercard

• American Express

• Discover

• Diners Club

• Maestro

Can I pay in installments?

While some retailers offer payment in installments with Shop Pay, this isn't something that we offer as it is not yet available outside the USA.

What if I don't want my Shop Pay account anymore?

That's no problem!

Shop Pay has an opt out function for anyone that doesn't want to use it any longer.

Just click below, and the team at Shop Pay will be able to close your account with them.

But I want to know more!

If you want to know more about Shop Pay, then head on over to shop.app for more info!