How to Make Candles

Got questions on how to make candles that are ready to sell to your customers? Below are the key information that can help you achieve your goal.


  • Best ratios for candle, wax melt, room mist and diffuser
  • How to make room spray/diffuser/candle with and without dye?
  • How to make a layered candle?
  • How to change the name of my products?


  • How to re-heat jars?
  • How to clean jars?


  • Can I blend two oils?
  • Which CLP do I need to use if I use the fragrance calculator?
  • What is the best way to weigh our oils?


  • Which wick do you recommend for my jar size?
  • Can I sat that my candle is natural if the wick has paraffin wax coating?
  • How long can my wick smoke?
  • How to fix an off-centered wick?
  • How long can my wick smoke?
  • Can I microwave my wax?


  • Why is my candle/wax melt frosty?
  • What causes sink holes, and how can I avoid it?
  • Why does my candle crack?
  • Why does my candle tunnel?
  • Are Candle Shack's waxes vegan friendly and cruelty free?


  • What is CLP?
  • How to use the IFRA


  • How much dye do I need to use?


  • Do I need to use a trading standards approved scale?

Product Testing

  • What testing's am I legally required to do before I can sell?
  • How to conduct a basic burn test?
  • How to make notes of the burn test?
  • What is a flashpoint and how does it impact my finished candle?
  • Why does my candle sweat?
  • What is causing the flickering?
  • Whats the average burn rate that I need to aim for?
  • How do I register my soap2go range?
  • What is CPNP?
  • Can I test half full candles/unscented products?


  • My oil has hazard warning for unborn child
  • Does your oil affect pets
  • Are your jars food safe?


  • How long do I air the room?
  • What PPE do I need?
  • How long do I cure my candles for?