Leaked Fragrance

In the event that you receive your delivery and a bottle of fragrance has leaked, please do not remove the security seal or cap.

Our bottles are individually capped by machine in the warehouse to help minimise the likelihood of leakage/spills during transit.  Fragrance is weighed out and due to the differing consistencies, some will appear fuller than others.

Please take a photo of the bottle with the security seal/cap intact, on a digital scale (please ensure they are accurate/calibrated). 

Email a photo showing the bottle and reading, along with a note of your name and order number to: support@candle-shack.co.uk 

If there is damage to the packaging or any other items within, please also include photos of this.

From here, our Customer Service team can calculate the fragrance that has been lost, and arrange to refund or replace the item/s for you.