Unbranded / Own Label Product Service

If you are looking to launch beautiful home fragrance products without incurring the costs of a bespoke development, our 'Unbranded' service may well be what you have been looking for.  With almost 40 vessels to choose from, most with matching boxes, low volume no longer means "run of the mill" or plain looking products.  In fact, it is possible to create an entire range of colour-coordinated products using our 'Unbranded' range from only 50 products per SKU.

Candle Shack manufactures candles for some of the world's most iconic luxury brands, so you can rest assured that our 'Unbranded' products meet the same exacting standards.  All projects undertaken by us are underpinned by our values of Creativity, Quality and Service.

Unbranded Candles & Diffusers

Fragrance Choices

Within our 'Unbranded' service, there are 20 hand-selected fragrances to choose from.  These fragrances were chosen by our product development team for their broad appeal and because they are commercially tried-and-tested.  Some you will recognise, some you may not, but they are all best-sellers.

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A sample pack is available containing all 20 fragrances.  If you would rather have a candle to burn, these can be purchased in any vessel size by visiting the Unbranded Product Pages and ordering a single product.

Wax Choices

Whilst most consumers do not make purchasing decisions based on wax type, it is important to select the most suitable wax type for your candle products.  In essence, there are two main types of container wax as follows:

Blended Wax:  This is a blend of soy, paraffin and coconut waxes and is the most popular choice for the majority of projects.  It has a smooth surface and delivers the best hot scent throw.  This is the wax used by most luxury brands.

100% Vegetable Wax:  This is a blend of vegetable waxes, including Soy and Rapeseed.  It contains no paraffin/mineral wax and is popular with Spa's and Skincare brands.  It can have a lumpy surface and deliver less scent throw than Blended Wax, but can be marketed as 100% vegetable.

Personalising your products with labels

Xeicon printing pressWe do not offer labels or printing under the Unbranded Service, but obtaining labels for your products is very easy, as there are dozens of online and local businesses offering print services.

If you are on a very tight budget, label companies such as stickythings.co.uk or printed.com can offer 1,000 labels for under £40.  These are available in several materials and many shapes.  These labels can be ordered online by downloading artwork templates, adding your images and then uploading your files at the time of ordering.  With Stickythings, your order can even contain several artwork versions at no extra cost; i.e. for your different fragrances.

If you are looking for something a little more professional, or in larger volumes, you can use a digital print company such as premier-labels.co.uk, CS Labels or similar.  These companies use state of the art machinery and produce labels for many high-street brands.  They usually have a wide-selection of cutter sizes and can offer assistance in preparing your artwork for print (at extra cost).  These labels can be varnished or laminated to protect against UV exposure and provide various finishes.  As these companies use larger machines, you should expect a minimum order value in excess of £130 excl. VAT per size/material.

Packaging Options

Once you have chosen your products, you will most likely want to package them, especially if you aim to sell them via retail stores.  Fortunately, Candle Shack offers a huge range of packaging options from stock, designed specifically to fit the containers within the Unbranded Collection.  No more wobbly boxes, or unprofessional looking padding, just a perfectly fitted box! 

We have created links on each Unbranded product page to associated packaging options, but you can also browse the main site and add items to your cart.  If you are unsure about anything, simply contact customer services, by clicking the support button in the bottom right of your browser window.

Please note: our boxes are designed to fit the jars without lids.  If you order lids, the lid will not fit into the product box.

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