The Gloss Black 'Ellie' is a 100ml diffuser bottle, manufactured in Italy.  This bottle is slightly smaller than the Karen, but is close enough for most people. 

The Ellie will fit into existing packaging, but there will be a slight gap around the sides, as this bottle has a smaller diameter than the Karen.


Outer Diameter (Top) - 6.95cm
Outer Height - 7.91cm
Outer Diameter (Bottom) - 6.95cm


Please Note:  This opening on the Ellie is not the same size as the Karen diffuser, so the caps that use plugs will not fit

The Ellie can be used with our diffuser caps that have EPE wadding rather than a plug.

Compatible Caps:
CAP00008 - Silver Cap with EPE Wad
CAP00017 - Gold Cap with EPE Wad
CAP00018 - Black Cap with EPE Wad
CAP00019 - Rose Gold Cap with EPE Wad