Coogar Mark VIII CE (72kg)

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The Mark VIII CE mixing pumper facilitates 'batchless' production runs.  It achieves this be mixing wax and fragrance on-demand, meaning you don't need to worry about pre-batching your wax and oil and there is almost zero waste.

The Mark VIII also enables rapid production and can easily pour 1,000 x 30cl candles per hour.  Changing fragrance takes just 1-2 minutes.

The wax tank capacity of the Mark VIII CE is 72kg.  This is typically enough to pour around 300-350 x 30cl Candles before re-filling the wax tank.

With the size of this machine it is very easy to maneuver around tight corners. You can take your existing work space and maximize your production with it. You don’t need to buy a bigger building to purchase it. We have seen these machines operated everywhere from garages, pool houses, spare bedrooms, and basements to large scale production floors.

The cost of the Mark VIII CE pumper is around $22,500 USD.  

If you are interested in this product, please contact our sales team on 01324 227354.

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