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Soap2Go by Candle Shack

Pre-blended hand & body lotion to match your candle scents.  Conveniently supplied in a 5L jerrycan for decanting into 200ml or 300ml PET bottles.  Now you can add hand & body lotion to your collection without having to go through the hassle of learning how to make it and delving into cosmetic regulations. Our Lotions do not contain any animal or animal derived raw materials. They are VEGAN friendly and Paraben free.

Simply decant into a PET bottle, add a pump, add a label and you are ready to sell.

The label templates can be accessed below...



Whilst we have made adding hand & body lotion to your product line as simple as possible, there are some rules to follow.

From a legal standpoint, you will be providing the product as a 'Distributor' and Candle Shack will remain the 'Responsible Person'.  This makes things as simple for you as possible, but does mean that you will need to follow some basic rules to remain compliant with UK legislation. 

If you are happy to leave the product name unchanged, i.e. Fairydust Hand & Body Lotion', you simply need to add the safety label information exactly as shown on the template (in full).

If you wish to change the name of the product, you will need to notify the change of name via the UK Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (SCNP). You will need the following information to complete this process:

SCNP Reference: UKCP-72163939

Responsible Person (RP) Details:  Candle Shack Limited, Unit A, West Carron Works, Stenhouse Rd, Carron, Stirlingshire, FK2 8DR.

Once the product name is changed, you can sell the product under the new product name.  Please note that the remaining label information must be added in full, including the abbreviated details of the Responsible Person. 

When decanting the hand soap into PET bottles, please observe Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) to prevent any contamination.  We recommend steralising your bottles before use using a cold steralising fluid.  PET bottles should not be heated above 50 Deg.C.

Please note: We do not offer support in the use of the SCNP or in complying with GMP, but there is a plethora of information on both subjects online.