Blueberry Laminated Folding Box for 27cl Jars

by Candle Shack
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Luxury folding candle box. These sturdy boxes are made from 750 micron board coated with the same luxury paper as our rigid boxes.

The internal dimensions are 77mm x 77mm x 93mm.

Please note, these boxes are made in-house and often to order.  As such, they often add a day onto the dispatch time.  The raw (cut) edges of the boxes are grey, owing to the way in which the box is made.  The inside of the box is white.  Whilst these boxes are very well made and the cuts mostly clean, some raw edges can be slightly rough.   This is unavoidable given our equipment and is not usually deemed an issue by the vast majority of customers, as any rough edges are usually hidden when the box is closed.

Currently available colours include:  Black, White, Buttermilk, Ruby Red & Blueberry.  Other colours available on request.

We can also brand these boxes, subject to a minimum order volume of 100 units.  Please contact us for details.