Our black nickel smooth metal candle containers are the ideal choice for those looking for something a little different.  Made from stainless steel and finished in a black nickel effect, these metal candle pots look amazing on the shelf.  

There are two finishes to choose from in this range: Smooth and Dimpled. 

Dimensions of the large pot are as follows:


Inner Diameter - 9cm
Outer Diameter (Top) - 8.92cm
Outer Height - 8.88cm
Inner Height - 8.84cm (for wicking)


This pot will likely require 2 or 3 wicks depending on your wax blend.

As these items are hand made, there is some variation in size and also in the patterns.  No two pots are identical, although the level of craftsmanship is truly excellent, so they are consistent enough to create a product range!  There may also be some small imperfections on the rim of the vessels.  This is normal and is not a defect.  Indeed, the slight variation in the pots adds to the appeal.

Please be advised that some wax and fragrance combinations can interact with the nickel plating and cause the plating to deteriorate or bleed into the wax.  Testing is recommended.

Approx. fill level 400g