Passion Fruit & Mango - Candle Making Kit

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Our new easy-to-use kits have everything you need to create your own handmade candles with strong and divine scents.

There's something for everyone to enjoy: a sustainably produced, natural rapeseed and coconut (RCX) wax, crackling wood wicks, and sumptuous candle containers. 

This candle making kit comes with Passion Fruit & Mango fragrance oil- a tempting tropical cocktail with a base of indulgent coconut milk.

Top Notes: Passionfruit, Orange & Mango 

Heart Notes: Mango & Passionfruit 

Base Notes: Coconut, Vanilla & Milky


Watch the video tutorial below


The candle kit contains:

  • 800g Candle Shack natural RCX wax (rapeseed & coconut)
  • 80g Passion Fruit & Mango fragrance oil
  • 2x 30cl Lotti white matt candle jars 
  • 2x silver tins with lids
  • 2x 30cl silver lids
  • 4x LB3 wood wicks
  • 4x sustainers
  • 4x stickums
  • 4x CLP labels


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