Coogar Collection


Wax Mixing Pumpers

Coogar Mark VIII CE (72kg) Made to order- $22,995 The Mark VIII CE mixing pumper facilitates 'batchless' production runs.  It achieves this by mixing wax and fragrance on-demand, meaning you don't need to worry about pre-batching your wax and oil and...

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Coogar Hands of Wax

Coogar Hands of Wax (4 Sleeve) Made to order- $4400 Hands of wax are a fun addition to private parties or community events. Customers of all ages enjoy their unique hand-shaped souvenirs. This 4-sleeve hands of wax machine is perfect...

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Wax Melters

Candle Making Made Easy   "Coogar Products provides worldwide distribution of high-quality wax melters, candle filling equipment, and more. We take direct control of production to ensure the highest level of quality, and our service-oriented staff will ensure you get...

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