BS EN 15493:2019 - Candles. Specification for fire safety

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BS EN 15493:2019 - Candles. Specification for fire safety

We can conduct testing in accordance with BS EN15493 (2019) to check that your candles comply with this CEN standard as regards fire safety.  Meeting the requirements of this standard can help show due diligence in complying with the UK General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) and is often required by retailers.

Requirements:  In order to test your candles to EN 15493 (2019), we require 3 x finished candles.  The candles should be packaged as they will be sold, including any usage instructions/labels.

Test Duration:  For single wick candles, up to 250g, please allow 10 working days for completion of the test and compilation of the test report.  For larger candles, please contact us for pricing and a lead time.

Costs:  The cost of this test is £75+vat per candle size/fragrance.  

Report:  We will email a test report in PDF format outlining the test results.  We aim to provide all test reports within 5 working days of test completion.