Container Wax

Container Waxes are designed specifically for use in vessels of some sort.  They typically have a low melt point, which makes them best suited to use in a container.  These waxes can be plant-based, mineral or blended.

Although most suited to containers, some can be used succesfully in wax melts.

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EcoSystem RCX Container Wax EcoSystem RCX Container Wax
87 reviews

EcoSystem RCX Container Wax

From  £4.47 Excl. VAT
Ecosystem RS1 Wax Ecosystem RS1 Wax
30 reviews

Ecosystem RS1 Wax

From  £4.86 Excl. VAT
Golden Wax 464 Soy Wax Golden Wax 464 Soy Wax
74 reviews

Golden Wax 464 Soy Wax

From  £3.69 Excl. VAT
CS2 Wax CS2 Wax
47 reviews

CS2 Wax

From  £4.48 Excl. VAT
Sasol Wax 6213 Container Wax 6213 Container Wax
32 reviews

6213 Container Wax

From  £21.10 Excl. VAT
Kerasoy Soy Container Wax Kerasoy Soy Container Wax
47 reviews

Kerasoy Soy Container Wax

From  £4.49 Excl. VAT
4105 Blended Container Wax 4105 Blended Container Wax
14 reviews

4105 Blended Container Wax

From  £3.03 Excl. VAT
Cargill C-6 Wax Cargill C-6 Wax
21 reviews

Cargill C-6 Wax

From  £4.95 Excl. VAT
Nature Wax C-3 Nature Wax C-3
64 reviews

Nature Wax C-3

From  £3.38 Excl. VAT
EcoSoya CB-135
13 reviews

EcoSoya CB-135

From  £4.76 Excl. VAT
EcoSoya CB-Advanced EcoSoya CB-Advanced
17 reviews

EcoSoya CB-Advanced

From  £5.04 Excl. VAT
EcoSystem SCX Wax EcoSystem SCX Wax
27 reviews

EcoSystem SCX Wax

From  £3.83 Excl. VAT