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CS1 is back and better than ever. 

This is our latest container blend which is optimised almost entirely for scent throw and now requested by many of our luxury brand clients.  CS1 is a mineral and rapeseed blend, with a beautiful white texture and unmatched stability.  For those of you who like SASOL 6213, you are going to love this.  

CS1 enables you to use less fragrance whilst delivering optimal hot and cold throw and we suggest starting with 5-6% fragrance, as this is usually enough.  The wax can hold at least 10% of most fragrances, but in our lab tests, 8-9% is overpowering.

Wicking starting points, we will be updating these further as burn tests are on going in the lab. 

LX Wicks 

30cl - 14, 16 & 18

20cl - 10, 12 & 14

9cl - 8 & 10


ECO Wicks 

30cl - 4, 6 & 8

20cl -  2 & 4

9cl - 1, 1.5 & 2


Clear Glass: 

Heat your wax to 70-75c, add your fragrance, stir slowly and pour between 63-65c to avoid jump lines. Please make sure you heat your glasses, remove them from your heat source right before you are ready to pour. You may have a little dip, you can either do a very small top up so that the wax literally reaches the edge of the glass and covers the dip. Or, you can use a heat source to smooth the surface, ie, Grill, heat gun etc for a perfect finish.

Coloured Glass:

Heat your wax to 65-70c, add your fragrance, stir slowly and pour at around 55c, the cooler the better. This will leave a slight dip, you can as above do a very small top up or use your prefered heat source to smooth out the surface for a perfect finish. Cure time 48 hours or as long as you want.



 vegan friendly

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Andy F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Now my favourite wax

Great wax to work with, fantastic HT and CT, smooth and shiny tops. Some reviews state they needed a second pour, I have never needed to do that. My favourite wax. Can't fault Candle Shack, great service, great quality products and speedy delivery. Thank you

Janelle J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great wax

I like this wax. The CT & HT are really good at 6%. Need to do more testing with different with other %. The wax had no sink holes & I had smooth tops. This wax was recommended to me & think I may stick with it!

Amy L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great wax

The format and texture of the wax is very easy to work with. It holds fragrance very well. I've found that it does need two pours and a heat gun to get a level surface, but the end result is good.

A Candle Shack Customer
Daksha J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Loved it!

It’s very good quality wax and results so smooth and shiny. I will use CS1 for all my candles.