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How to make a diffuser

Step 1: Choose your base


Augeo is a great diffuser base made from a renewable source. It has excellent solubilising power, low evaporation rate, low odour and evaporates fully without the metallic odour associated with other base materials.

Ecosystem Vegan-Friendly Diffuser Base

Ecosystem Vegan-Friendly Diffuser Base is a high-performing diffuser base that is suitable for all vegan-friendly brands. It is made from non-GMO plant oils, has a low carbon footprint and is also cruelty-free. This diffuser base is clear and colourless, with low odour, offers excellent solubility for fragrance oils, and is suitable for high levels of scent loading.

Perfumer’s Alcohol

Perfumer’s Alcohol is an incredible base designed for perfumes and room sprays but it also works magically in diffusers resulting in a powerful scent throw. It dilutes both essential and fragrance oils, is skin-friendly and creates a clear and cloudless solution.

Step 2: Choose your fragrance

Finding the right fragrance for you

Picking a fragrance is a very personal choice and with so many fragrances available, it can feel overwhelming. Here’s a quick way to help guide you.

First, decide if you want to use fragrance oils or essential oils. Essential oils are made from natural ingredients. Fragrance oils are made from synthetic fragrance molecules.

Then think about the type of scents you like. We have grouped them in 4 categories: citrus and fresh, floral, fruity, and Oriental and woody. Once you’ve decided on a category, scroll through its catalogue and read its products’ scent card. They will tell you all the notes and aromas that are present in that fragrance.

Ensuring it can be used in a diffuser

Once you have found a fragrance you like, it’s important to check if it can be used in a diffuser and at which concentration. To do so, open its product page and click on the Fragrance & Product SDS button. Then, look for that fragrance’s IFRA certificate file and find the category 10A (this relates to the legally allowed concentration for diffusers). This will tell you if the scent can be used in a diffuser and its maximum concentration.

Figuring out the fragrance to base ratio

The perfect ratio will depend on your chosen fragrance and personal preference, so we encourage you to experiment. To get you started, though, we would typically recommend using 15% when using a fragrance oil (e.g. 15g fragrance oil to 85g base for a 100ml diffuser) or 10 to 15% when using an essential oil (e.g. 10g essential oil to 90g base for a 100ml diffuser). Be careful not to exceed your fragrance’s maximum scent load as detailed in the IFRA certificate.

Step 3: Choose your vessel and cap

First think about the size of the diffuser you want to make along with the material you’d prefer your vessel to be made of. Then pick your favourite shape of vessel!

Once you have chosen your vessel, you’ll need a matching cap or stopper, depending on your model. Caps tend to contain stoppers, which will securely shut the diffuser vessels. The cap themselves will complete the look of your diffuser bottle while framing its reeds.

Step 4: Choose your reeds

The type of reeds you need will depend on your chosen base and desired scent throw. If you’ve chosen Augeo or Ecosystem as your diffuser base and would like a powerful scent throw, we would recommend fibre reeds. For a more subtle scent throw, rattan reeds would be better.

If you’ve chosen perfumer’s alcohol as your diffuser base, we would recommend rattan reeds.

As for the number and height of your reeds, this will be relate to the size of your vessel. For 100ml diffusers, we would typically suggest 8 thin reeds For a 165ml diffuser bottle, we would recommend 6 thick reeds

Step 5: Clean your vessel

Before making your diffuser, gently clean your vessel using a soft cloth to remove any dust, dirt or finger prints.

Step 6: Prepare your solution

Using electric scales, measure your base and fragrance before pouring them into your vessel. Close your bottle by tightening your cap with stopper or EPE wad and give your diffuser a really good shake.

Once your solution is fully mixed and clear, your diffuser is ready to be used. Unscrew your cap and remove your stopper or EPE wad. Tighten your cap back on the vessel and insert the reeds.

Troubleshooting diffusers

Struggling with your diffuser? We’re here to help. Candle Shack’s laboratory of expert chandlers have put together their best tips and trick to help you adjust the strength of your diffuser’s scent throw to your ideal level.

  • "My diffuser does not smell strong enough"

    "My diffuser does not smell strong enough"

    To increase the scent throw of your diffusers, you have a few options:

    • Experiment with your fragrance content (a higher content is not always stronger)
    • Switch to fibre reeds
    • Increase your number of reeds
    • Mix your base with or switch to perfumer’s alcohol
  • "My diffuser smells too strong"

    "My diffuser smells too strong"

    To decrease the scent throw of your diffusers, you have a few options

    • Experiment with your fragrance content (a lower content is not always more subtle)
    • Switch to rattan reeds
    • Reduce your number of reeds
    • Mix your base with or switch to either Augeo or Ecosystem Vegan-Friendly

  • Diffuser glossary

    Diffuser making is full of jargon and terminology, which can be confusing even to experienced creators. We’re here to help you make sense of it all and clarify those mysterious terms. Take a look at our glossary and learn all about diffuser making’s vocabulary.

    Diffuser Glossary
  • Diffuser Recipes

    Are you looking to save some time on your testing process or a little lost with your bases and fragrances? Our recipes are here for you. Designed by experts, these tried and tested recipe are engineered to generate beautiful scent throws that will leave your customers wanting more!

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