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Candle Shack


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New Regulatory Updates Explained: There have been some updates to the way CLP is presented for Augeo and the Vegan Diffuser Base. Please watch the video below and for any queries please contact us at

Please make sure that your products containing Augeo are not poured on a polished surface. Augeo will tarnish and strip paint & polish. Please use on a suitable worktop ideally a stainless steel surface. For any drips, wipe your bottles quickly to avoid any paint being stripped.

Augeo Multi Clear is a new and exciting solvent made from a renewable source. With excellent solubilising power, low evaporation rate and low odour, Augeo is by far the best reed diffuser base oil we have found and is the base we use to make diffusers for our luxury brand owners. Unlike DPM and other diffuser bases, Augeo evaporates fully and does not have the metallic odour associated with other base materials. We are very excited to be using this new and exciting product and are delighted to offer it to our customers. In addition, if you plan to export your diffusers to the US, base materials can often be problematic; but not this material. Augeo is fully compliant with CARB Regulation in the USA, meaning it is not classed as VOC (vapor pressure below 0.1 mg Hg). This means that Augeo does not contribute to the VOC content of the final product, which was 18% at the time of writing. This allows for high levels of scent loading (15-20%) without breaching CARB regulations. Augeo works extremely well with synthetic reeds in diffusers, but is equally suited to a wide array of home fragrance products, including room & linen sprays. Features include; fragrance enhancement, HSE profile improvement, eco-friendly product, solubility power, low carbon footprint, low odour, non toxic.

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Candle Shack Base Augeo