Blended Wax

Blended candle waxes are made by combining paraffin (mineral) wax and plant-based waxes such as soy, rapeseed or palm oil.  These blends offer an excellent compromise for those looking for a wax that provides a full melt pool during earlier burns, but with better scent throw and surface aesthetics than 100% plant-based wax.
Candle Shack Wax CS2 Wax
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CS2 Wax

21 reviews

Candle Shack Blend 2 (CS2) is a professional grade container wax that combines the marketing and clean-burning benefits of natural vegetable wax, w...

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4105 Blended Container Wax
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4105 Blended Container Wax

6 reviews

Kerax Blended Container Wax is a rapeseed and paraffin blend designed specifically for use in glass and container candles. Manufactured by Kerax, a...

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