Wood Wick Sample Kit

by Candle Shack
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Our sample kit contains 80 wooden wicks and 100 sustainers and is designed to be used as a development tool to help you wick almost any candle.  All wicks are ~152mm long.  This means that one of our wicks will wick 2 x 30cl candles.  You may even get three candles from one wick, if you are using a 10cl tin or similar.

Our single ply crackling wooden wicks are available in 3 thicknesses and 5 widths.  They can be used individually in paraffin or blended waxes, or combined (as a laminate) for vegetable waxes.  When combining the wicks, you can combine two of the same wick, or you can experiment with different widths and thicknesses, giving hundreds of possible combinations.

In short, it is now possible to wick candles that would be impossible or at best 'challenging' with cotton wicks.

For more inspiration and ideas, please check out the Academy, where we will be adding videos and articles to help get yiou started.



As an official distributor of Lumetique's wooden wick technology, we have an obligation to to ensure that any and all licensees are marking their covered products, and providing constructive notice to the public that the product is patented.  As such, you will be required to mark any products made using our wooden wicks with a patent mark.

All candle products (whether a wooden wick, candle, box, hang-tag or other form of packaging) must be consistently and always marked as being covered by the applicable patents and patents pending.


Rather than trying to figure out which of the dozens of patents apply to your product, the best practice is to mark the candle product itself with the following patent marking:

Pat. www.lumetique.com/patents