Candle Safety labels: General Product Safety Statements and Pictograms.

Welcome back, Shackers! At Candle Shack, we're not just about creating beautiful candles; we're also passionate about ensuring your candle-burning experience is safe and enjoyable. Today, let's talk about the world of candle safety and those tiny but crucial candle safety labels that need to be put on your creations.

Why Should You Care About Candle Safety Labels?

In addition to giving your customers instructions about how to use your products safely it is also a legal requirement that any product placed onto the market in the UK to be safe and labelled correctly.
Did you know that in 2022 there were over 900 house fires caused by candles in the UK? That's right – that cosy flicker can turn into a blazing disaster in seconds. Our mission is to keep your homes warm and bright without the risk of turning them into an unintentional bonfire.

50mm White Candle Safety Label

What's with the safety labels?

Candle safety labels are your go-to source for understanding how to use and care for your candles properly.

But what exactly should be on these labels, and how do you use them to sprinkle some safety on your handmade candle creations? Fear not, dear candle makers – we've got the lowdown to ensure your candles are shining bright and safe.

Decoding the Safety statements.

According to the UK and EU EN15494 Product Safety label standards, you are required to have a number of pieces of information which can be communicated as text statements or pictograms on your candles to instruct the customer in the safe use of the product and to warn of potential hazards relating to its misuse.

This is different to CLP regulations which will be covered elsewhere.

Commonly these statements are found as Pictograms on CLP labels to save space but can be found on additional safety labels, dust covers or tags on the candle.

The importance of safety statements.

The mandatory safety statements are listed below, the warning triangle is mandatory but the other statements can appear as text or (more commonly) as a pictogram.
Think of these statements as an instruction manual, showing your customers the most important dos and don'ts of burning their candle.

Warning triangle

This triangle gives a visual cue to show that there is a potential hazard with the product.
We are advising that this is mandatory on all candle safety labels.

It is required if the pictograms are applied to on your CLP label even if the GHS07 (Harmful) Symbol is present since, while they are very similar, they are from different sets of regulations and as such, both should be present.

Never leave a burning candle unattended pictogram. GSP Regulations. Candle safety.


Going for a quick errand or leaving the room? Extinguish that flame – we don't want any unexpected pyrotechnics!


Keep your candles on a high shelf or locked away when not in use. Wagging tails and flailing arms might just turn your candle into an accident waiting to happen!


Beds, curtains, carpets – keep your candles away from the flammable items in your home.

Other optional statements

There are a number of additional statements and associated pictograms that you can add to your candles to give you better piece of mind and to give more instructions for the customer on how to use your products.
Some of these pictograms are compulsory for certain types of candles.

USE a heat resistant candle holder

Make sure that you burn your candles on a heat resistant surface.
This is a requirement for pillar candles but not for container candles.

Trim wick to X CM before lighting

If during your testing, you have found that your candle has a small amount of mushrooming when burning for a long time, this may be useful to add to give customers the best candle experience they can with your product. The length on the pictogram can be changed to suit your preferences.
Trim that wick to 5-10mm before every burn to avoid mushrooming and ensure a smooth, soot-free experience.

Keep candles X CM apart

This pictogram instructs customers to keep their candles a set distance apart so that they burn evenly and safely.

The Final word

At Candle Shack, we're not just here to sell you candles –
we're here to ensure your candle journey is safe and delightful. If you ever
have questions or concerns about your candle safety labels or anything else
candle-related, reach out to us. Our team is ready to guide you through the warm and glowing world of candle crafting. 

Remember, this advice is like a candle – it's here to illuminate, not dictate. Ultimately, it's your responsibility as a business owner to make sure your candle creations light up homes legally and safely. Happy candle making!