If you're looking to add a touch of elegance and delightful aroma to your living space, crafting your reed diffuser is a fantastic option. But, the question is, which diffuser reeds work best? Today, we'll unravel the mystery.

Reed diffusers, being flame-free and safe, offer a colourful and fragrant ambience to any room. They're a great option, especially for those steering clear of candles and wax melts. Now, let's delve into the world of reeds and find out which ones will make your diffuser shine.

Understanding Reed Diffusers: How Do They Work?

Before we dive into the best reeds, let's grasp the mechanics of fragrance diffusers. Essentially, reed diffusers consist of a vessel with a fragrance solution and a set of reeds submerged in it. The fragrance seeps into the reeds, gradually traveling upwards through capillary action until saturation. As the solution evaporates, the delightful scent is released into the air.

Now, the choice of reeds significantly impacts the efficiency and potency of your reed diffuser. It's not just about the fragrance solution; the reeds play a crucial role.

The porosity of the reed is a key factor influencing fragrance strength and consistency. Clear-channel reeds facilitate faster, even diffusion, while denser, irregularly porous ones may lead to a weaker throw but longer duration.

Factors Determining Reed Diffuser Scent throw and Longevity

Several factors contribute to a reed diffuser's strength:
Type of Base: Alcohol-based low viscosity bases, like Perfumer's Alcohol, offer a quicker and stronger fragrance throw due to efficient diffusion compared to other more viscous base options such as vegan diffuser base or Augeo.

Reed size and composition:
Different materials have different pore sizes and therefore the diffusion rates are related to the effectiveness of the capillary action and surface area of the reed.

Viscosity of Fragrance and Base solution:
Thicker solutions which either contain a higher concentration of viscous fragrance or are made with a base with higher viscosity result in slower capillary action and evaporation, potentially leading to a weaker fragrance throw. Higher viscosity solutions may also clog reeds over time.

Location of the Diffuser: Busier areas attract more dust, leading to clogged reeds and a weaker scent. Warmer locations promote faster evaporation, offering a better scent throw but depleting the solution faster, while cooler rooms slow down evaporation, yielding a longer-lasting but weaker scent throw.

Types of Reeds: A Detailed Look

Now, let's explore different types of
reeds available in the market, weighing their pros and cons to determine the
best choice for your reed diffuser.

Rattan diffuser reeds

Rattan, a term encompassing various climbing plants, is a popular choice. Natural rattan reeds have numerous open channels, allowing fragrance oils to travel efficiently. They are a good all round option but may clog with higher viscosity mixtures.

• Good performance using less viscous fragrance oils and bases.
• Natural look and feel.
• Several colours available.

• Prone to clogging with thicker fragrance solutions
• May discolour with some fragrance mixtures.
• Less size/ thickness options

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Bamboo diffuser reeds

While bamboo reeds sound natural and exotic, they're less efficient due to barriers within the reeds hindering fragrance oil movement. Their hard composition makes it challenging for the fragrance to penetrate. This slows the diffusion rate significantly and they are prone to clogging. They are also less durable than rattan or fibre reeds.
It is for these reasons that Candle Shack has chosen not to stock this type of reed. During our testing we have found that other reed materials are far more effective for the same cost.

• Natural, exotic appearance
• Relatively inexpensive

• Irregular composition with barriers hindering fragrance saturation
• Prone to clogging
• Less durable than other options.

Fibre diffuser reeds

Designed specifically for diffusers, fibre reeds offer optimized fragrance diffusion. They come in various thicknesses and colours, ensuring compatibility with all fragrance solutions. With even pores, consistent diffusion, fibre reeds stand out as an excellent choice.

• Various colours available
• Evenly-dispersed pores for consistent fragrance diffusion
• No clogging
• Stronger diffusion and more intense throw.
• Works well with more viscous fragrances and bases.

• When used with low viscosity mixtures, evaporation can be too rapid.
• Lack the "all-natural" appeal
• Light coloured variants may discolour with certain fragrances

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crafting your own diffuser

 Creating your reed diffuser is a breeze.
Choose a bottle, cap, fragrance, base, and, of course, the reeds of your choice.
Measure, Pour, shake, place the reeds, and enjoy the delightful aroma. Check out our website for a basic how-to guide.

Or, for more in depth information enrol on our diffuser course to learn
everything that you need to know to create your own wonderfully scented

Making your own fragrance diffuser is not
only easy but also a safer and less messy alternative to candles and wax melts.
Select your materials wisely, and let the pleasing fragrance transform your
space effortlessly without having to worry about flammability hazards.

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