How To Migrate From The US To The European Golden Wax 464

Love the idea of making European Golden Wax 464 your go-to soy container candle wax but unsure how to switch your recipes from the US version? We’re here to help. Our in-house lab of expert candle makers has prepared a full guide on how to migrate to European Golden 464 from its US version. While you’ll still need to test your candles to make sure their performance is to your liking and that they meet safety standards, these top tips should help you switch to European Golden Wax 464 without cluster headaches!

Comparison chart between EU and US GW464. Soy wax, Golden wax 464. Natural wax.

How do both versions compare?

How to work with European Golden Wax 464

Candle Shack academy student mixing wax. Natural wax. Candle making class. Plant wax.

Set up:

Like the US version, European Golden Wax 464 is best used in a working and storage environment that is draught-free and around 18 to 25°C. Contrary to its US cousin, however, you shouldn’t need to preheat your vessels to get good glass adhesion. Just make sure you keep them in your balmy studio and you’re good to go!

Candle Shack Academy student adding fragrance to wax. Fragrance oil, scent oil, natural oils.

Fragrance content:

With US Golden Wax 464, we would typically recommend an 8% fragrance content to give good results as higher contents can have an adverse impact on the surface appearance. Using the same content with the European version would still give good cold and hot scent throws. That being said, the European wax can take a higher fragrance content without compromising the aspect of the candles. So for a more powerful scent throw, you can up the content to 10% fragrance.

Candle Shack Academy student stirring wax and fragrance mixture. Candle Making, natural wax. Soy Wax

Working Temperatures:

While the melting and fragrance addition temperatures are similar for both versions of Golden Wax 464, the biggest difference lies in their recommended pouring temperature. European Golden Wax 464 can comfortably be poured at 60 to 70°C, while the pouring temperature of the US version needed to be lowered to 60°C to get good results. This saves you some time in your candle-making process!


When wicking a European Golden Wax 464 candle, we would recommend switching from a Stabilo family (the typical choice for the US Golden Wax 464) to a CL, TB or TCR family then drop the wick size slightly if necessary. For example, if your US Golden Wax 464 30cl candle had a Stabilo 16 wick, then a CL14 - 16 wick, or a TCR 27/16 should do the trick for European Golden Wax 464.

And there you have it! With these top recommendations, you should seamlessly be able to switch from US to European Golden Wax 464 candles. And if you need more information about the product, visit its product page and our community group. Happy candle making!