Welcome back to Candle Shack’s Trend Spotlight, the series where we do the research so you don’t have to. In this latest edition, we’ve scoured the market to find the top home décor trends for Autumn 2022 to help you create unique collections that fly off the shelves. 

Why home décor? You may ask. While candles, max melts and diffusers are works of art in their own right, they are also chosen based on how they will look in people’s homes. As such, designing your home-fragrance collections to complement and elevate your customers’ homes and offices, both in terms of scent and aesthetics, will go a long way to increase their perceived value and to turn them into must-have creations. 

The trend

The big home décor trend for Autumn 2022 is nature. As the weather gets colder and the sky stormier, the appeal for the simplicity and warmth of the natural world gets stronger. The public is yearning for warm tones, raw materials, clever use of natural light (with an emphasis on firelight) and a minimalist aesthetic. 

Underlying this trend for all things natural is a desire for comfort, warmth and relaxation. This trend will see people blending rustic charm with modern elegance to have the best of both worlds and create a nurturing environment for themselves. Scandinavian design will be particularly popular in executing this trend.

How to leverage it

The good news is that home-fragrance products are a great way to create a relaxing environment. By creating nature-inspired fragrances that remind people of the enjoyable experiences they had in the great outdoors, your creations will help produce the feel-good hormone dopamine. Fresh and clean smells will help create a sensation of comfort. Also, candles in particular easily create a cosy atmosphere.In terms of aesthetics, we would recommend opting for wooden lids as well as clear jars. Natural colours, particularly ones with warm undertones, will go a long way to nurture a comforting feel.

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