Fragrance Calculations

So, you have decided to scent your candles at 10% to reinforce your marketing messages about the strength and quality of your products.  This should ensure your candles deliver excellent hot and cold scent throw and leave your customers delighted.

Now comes time to fill your candles and you realise you have a small problem.  10% of what?  This article aims to demystify this question and help you make a decision on how to work out the correct amount of wax and oil for your candles.

The below video describes the two different methods commonly employed when calculating how much fragrance to add to your candles.  


Below, we define two different methods for describing oil content.  Please note that these are not interchangeable; i.e. they mean different things.  We recommend you watch the video and play around with the calculators until you understand the differences.  Then, choose one method and stick with it.

1). Fragrance/Scent Load - The ratio of oil to wax.  A scent load of 10% means that you add 10% of the wax mass as oil.  So, to 100g of wax, you would add 10g of oil.  Fragrance/Scent Load does not refer to the percentage of oil in the candle as a whole.

Fragrance/Scent Load is used in candle wax Technical Data Sheets (TDS) to describe the maximum amount of oil a wax can be 'loaded' with, before syneresis (fragrance bleed) occurs.

2). Fragrance/Scent Content - The proportion of oil in the candle mixture.  A fragrance content of 10% would mean that a 100g candle contained 10g of oil.

Online Calculators

We have also created two online calculators that are more 'mobile' and 'tablet' friendly than using a spreadsheet.  These can be found below:

Wax and Perfume Calculator - Option 1:

Fragrance Load

Based on wax mass - This online calculator works out the mass of wax and fragrance required for a single candle and a batch of candles. It calculates fragrance relative to the mass of the wax.

Wax and perfume calculator - Option 2:

Fragrance Content

Based on Container Fill Mass - This online calculator works out the mass of wax and fragrance required for a single candle and a batch of candles.  It calculates fragrance relative to the overall fill mass of the vessel.

Notes on the Video

Dye:  Please note, the calculator does not reduce the mass of wax or fragrance when calculating candle dye.  This is intentional, as the mass of dye used is typically too small to make any

Wax Max Sceny Loading:  It is our understanding that 'Maximum Scent Load' when referred to by wax manufacturers, refers to the amount of oil a wax can retain.  This is one of the reasons Option 1 remains popular, despite Option 2 seeming more intuitive.  I.e. if a manufacturer stipulates a maximum scent load of 10%, they are referring to 10% of the wax mass, rather than of the candle as a whole.  So, add no more than 100g of oil to 1000g of wax.