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Chandler & Me - Crafter Edition

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This product is being discontinued. Once it is gone, it will not be restocked.

Wax melt makers, meet your new favourite assistant! 

The Chandler & Me Crafter Edition combines all your must-have pieces of equipment into one fantastic all-in-one appliance. It was created by experts in home fragrance to be perfectly safe, easy to use and clean, and to store easily. Designed for the eco-friendly Golden Wax 464 and working beautifully with Golden Wax 494, the Chandler & Me will automate large parts of the process so you can focus on unleashing your creativity. This easy-to-use appliance will smoothly and consistently, melt, mix and cool, letting you know exactly when to add your ingredients - all in 20 minutes or less.

With the Chandler & Me Crafter Edition, you will consistently create picture-perfect wax melts or micro-batch candles that smell and look as good if not better than high street ones. All you will need is this one innovative piece of equipment, a recipe and supplies. So say goodbye to worktops crowded with multitudes of expensive equipment, dive into our collection of wax melt recipes and get your supplies ready. Your Chandler & Me Crafter Edition will bring your wax melt game to new heights!

This machine is the smaller version of our Chandler & Me Candle Maker Plus+.

Product features:

  • All-in-one equipment
  • Includes a jug, heating base, built-in thermometer and mixer
  • 500ml capacity
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Safe
  • Designed for Golden Wax 464
  • Works beautifully with Golden Wax 494
  • Creates retail-quality wax melts or micro-batch candles in 20 minutes
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced hobbyists
  • Comes with a plug suitable for UK electrical sockets

Instructions for making wax melts

  • Pick your recipe, prepare your worktop and measure your ingredients.
  • Plug your Chandler & Me in, add the dye (if using) at the bottom of the jug, followed by the mica (if using) and the wax on top of it and press button 1. The wax melt maker will start melting and stirring your wax. IMPORTANT - do not lift the jug to add your fragrance as it’ll reset the machine. Pre-weigh your wax and fragrance to ensure you’re able to follow the process.
  • Once you hear the Chandler & Me beep and button 2 flashes, pour your fragrance in and press button 2. Your candle maker will start cooling and mixing the fragrance.
  • At the next beep when button 3 flashes, put your candle jars on a flat surface, remove the jug from the heating base and pour the fragranced wax into your moulds.
  • Leave your wax melts to cure for 48 hours.
  • Your retail-level wax melts are ready to be melted and enjoyed!

For more information, see the Chandler & Me Crafter instruction manual.

*Though sometimes your Chandler & Me may have minor cosmetic imperfections (e.g., scratches, scuffs, or dents), we promise this will absolutely not affect the product's functionality. We totally understand that this may worry you so please contact us for more details at before or after your purchase if you need any help.

For any performance issues, please fill out a warranty claim with Chandler & Me directly by clicking here.