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EcoSystem RCX Melt Blend

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Meet your new home fragrance companion - the sustainable EcoSystem RCX Melt Blend. Specially curated for wax melts and tea lights, this blend is a true game-changer that will elevate your products.

Our vegan-friendly RCX Melt Blend is composed exclusively of responsibly sourced premium rapeseed and coconut oils and strikes the perfect balance between environmental responsibility and top-tier quality. With its higher melt point, it offers an exceptional hot throw, doesn't dip or cause cavities, and demoulds with ease.

As RCX Melt Blend is designed to excel in tea lights and wax melts, we advise against using it for larger pillar or container candles as it can potentially crack. Additionally, please note that due to its plant wax nature, it may frost when used with dyes. But don't worry - that's completely normal!

Choose from our handy 800g tubs for smaller projects or the mighty 12.5kg boxes for larger ventures. Regardless of the size of your home fragrance dreams, we've got you covered.


Suitable for wax melts
Suitable for wax melts
Vegan friendly
Vegan friendly
Excellent scent throw
Excellent scent throw
GMO free
GMO free
Suitable for tea lights
Suitable for tea lights

Product characteristics

  • Type of wax: Plant
  • Composition: Rapeseed and coconut
  • Form: Block
  • Country of origin: coconut - South East Asia, rapeseed - Europe
  • Excellent scent throw
  • Easy to demould
  • Microwavable
  • Kosher pareve
  • Halal


  • Container candles: No
  • Pillar candles: No
  • Tea lights: Yes
  • Wax melts: Yes
Usage Recommendations

Recommended temperatures

  • Working ambient temperature: 20 - 25°C
  • Melting temperature: 47 - 53°C
  • Fragrance addition temperature: 65-70°C
  • Dye addition temperature: 65-70°C
  • Pouring temperature: 45-60°C
  • Cooling temperature: 20-25°C

Recommended fragrance content: 8-10%
Recommended dye content: 0.1-0.4%
Minimum curing time: 48 hours

Suggested wicks: Stabilo 2, TG8