Integrated Double Boiler

by Candle Shack
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Our integrated stainless steel double boiler is the ultimate in simplicity and reliability. 

No more messing around with pots and pans and pastry cutters, simply add water to the double boiler (as you would with an electric iron) and the water is heated between the two stainless steel walls, gently warming the contents. 

This type of system is ideal for use with vegetable waxes, where excessive heat can damage the wax, but can equally be used for paraffin waxes of various melt points.

The double boiler holds up to 1.5kg of molten wax and has a fill-level indicator to allow the water level to be monitored.

We use these in our laboratory for making samples and they are very robust and easy to use. 

They can be heated on electric hobs, but we do not recommend usage on gas hobs, especially large diameter hobs, as exposure of plastic parts to the flame can damage the system.

 (Electric stove not included)

Note:  These systems are not designed for commercial use and as such, we are unable to offer warranty on these items when used for candle making.  That said, in our experience, they are extremely robust.  We have used two of these in our laboratory for the last 12 months and they are as good as new.  A small ball-bearing fell out of one of the filling caps after a few months, but this has not impacted the functionality.