LX12 Wick

by Wedo
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The Wedo LX wick is one of Wedo's simplest, yet most popular wicks. Suitable for paraffin container candles, votives and pillar candles, the LX wick is pure cotton with no core. We typically use LX or TG wicks in paraffin wax blends, where the oil is very clean burning. The LX series is less suited to heavily scented candles, or candles that use challenging fragrances, as it can suffer from clubbing. A good 'first choice' wick for paraffin blends. The following is a rough guide for paraffin container candles: 9cl Jar - LX8. 10cl Tin - LX8-LX10. 20cl Tumbler - LX10. 27cl Tumbler - LX12. 30cl Tumbler - LX14/LX16. All wicks are 110mm long.

Yield = 1302 m/kg