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Spa - Fragrance Discovery Box

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In need of some me time? This beautiful fragrance discovery box will help you create your own bubble of peace and serenity.

Our fragrance experts have selected the most beautiful fragrances and essential oils that will recreate the elegant and soothing atmosphere of your favourite spa. Take a deep breath and you'll feel all your troubles melting away.

Great as an easy way to narrow down your favourite fragrances or as a spa-at-home gift, this box contains 6 x 50g beautiful wax melt scent samples for you to enjoy.

Discover our oasis of spa scents featuring:

Lavender Spa - Delicate and herbal, this fragrance helps take you back to a deep sense of calm - close your eyes and put your mind at ease. You will feel like you’re surrounded by rolling violet fields of lavender, dancing in the summer breeze. Pure lavender embodies this timeless fragrance.

Melon and Cucumber - Clean and sweet-scented, this fragrance is the embodiment of spring freshness. A must-have scent for rejuvenation, it is incredibly well-balanced, delicately floral and refreshing without being acidic or zingy.

Lemongrass and Ginger - An exotic mix of citrus and spice, this fragrance is imbued with oriental aromas. A seriously soothing scent - perfect to help revitalising you both physically and mentally.

Enliven - Awaken your senses. This spiced blend of eucalyptus, clove and rum reminds us of being in a steam room and coming out feeling clear and rejuvenated.

Relaxing - Long day? Dive into the relaxing notes of this scent with bright lavender, chamomile and a bit of bergamot we think we've found the recipe for unwinding.

Invigorating - Revive your mind and body with this energising essential oil. Fresh and bright, while also subtle and sweet, this essential oil will really sweep you off your feet.

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