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Premium Starter Kit - Golden Wax 464

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Let's get your candle-making studio ready with our Golden Wax 464 starter kit. You'll find everything you need to make 9 gorgeous candles with key equipment that you'll be able to use again and again. 

Worth over £200 (incl. VAT), our starter kit is the ideal opportunity to kick-start your candle-making journey. Each of the chosen fragrances comes with recipes and recommendations so you'll know just how much wax and fragrance you need to add to get your perfect candle. You can save these handy PDF guides to make the candle again. As a bonus, our starter kits have tailored videos that outline the step-by-step process of how to use your recipes and work with your equipment. Our in-house experts will get you comfortable with the concepts of candle-making and talk you through the process. We'll email you a link to access your video after you purchase your kit! 

Our kit contains US 464, one of the industry's favourite plant-based waxes to help you make sustainable candles. We've also included a Chandler & Me Candle Maker Plus + in your kit. It's a highly sophisticated piece of equipment designed to work with 464. It'll melt your wax to the perfect temperature, let you know when to add fragrance and beep when your candle is ready to pour. The dream assistant for candle makers everywhere! 

We've also added four of our customer's favourite fragrances: The Temptress, Pandora's Box, The Dark Masquerade and Mojave Desert. Explore more about the wax and the fragrances below.

*Though sometimes your Chandler & Me may have minor cosmetic imperfections (e.g., scratches, scuffs, or dents), we promise this will absolutely not affect the product's functionality. We totally understand that this may worry you so please contact us for more details at before or after your purchase if you need any help.

For any performance issues, please fill out a warranty claim with Chandler & Me directly by clicking here.

What's In The Kit?

  • 1 Box of 6 Clear 30cl Glasses*
  • 1 Box of 6 Amber 30cl Glasses*
  • 50g The Temptress
  • 50g Dark Masquerade
  • 50g Mojave Desert
  • 50g Pandora's Box
  • 1 Wick Press
  • 1 x 10 Pack Adhesive Wick Pads
  • 3 Wick Claws
  • Stabilo 16 Wicks
  • Chandler & Me Candle Maker 
  • 3 x 800g of 464 Golden Wax

* The colour of the candle jars may vary

More on Golden Wax 464

Discover the most popular soy wax: Golden Wax 464.

This smooth and creamy plant-based container wax is produced by global wax giant AAK under the Golden Wax name. It offers an excellent scent throw, beautiful depth of colour, good adhesion and shiny tops.

464 is an excellent vegan-friendly wax made from responsibly-sourced soy. AAK takes sustainability very seriously, so you can be sure the products you are using meet rigorous ethical and environmental standards. Read all about it here.

Explore The fragrances

Our favourite part of candle-making - the fragrance! Your starter kit comes with four stunning fragrances that each come with its own recipe. We'll email you the recipes but you can download and store them from here if you'd like. Discover each of the four fragrances below.

The Temptress

An enticing and sultry scent, The Temptress is bold, mysterious and provocative, like two lovers in disguise, swirling in flurries of silk, satin and lace. Let the musky dry amber dance with zingy notes of raspberry petticoats and beautiful balsamic, dominated by an earthy, natural base of cedarwood and spiced patchouli.

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box is a timeless paradox. Spellbinding nuances of delicate citrus notes combine with spices to create a modern air of intrigue. A sandalwood box opens to reveal the sensual warmth of soft woods, mosses and a shimmer of soft florals.

The Dark Masqerade

A rich, spicy and artful aroma, The Dark Masquerade Fragrance Oil is a complex and wonderfully balanced scent, earthy and woody, whilst being soft, spiced, sweet and citrusy. It places you in the heart of the Masquerade ball feeling the magic of exotic woods, heady Labdanum and frankincense that feed the mind, body and soul.

Mojave Desert

A strikingly beautiful romantic scent, managing to portray itself as both ethereal and intense. A majestic beauty, soft Orris root with a hint of powdery violet, subtle woods and warm amber draw you in – a scent that leaves you wanting more.