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Wick Cores

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Looking to make container candles without a Wickclaw?

Wick cores are the solution. Made from pressed high-performance paraffin, wick cores will keep your wicks perfectly centred and straight, working. They will perform beautifully with any type of wax, whether it be mineral or plant-based. Wick cores are also a great way to reduce the amount of fragrance used in a candle without significant impact on its scent throw.

Product specification

Each core is 25mm in diameter and has a 3mm hole in the centre and a recessed base to accommodate a wick sustainer. All our variants only vary in height and width will always be 25mm. No wicks or adhesives are included with the wick cores. Please purchase separately.

How to choose the right size

When choosing the size and number of wick cores, we recommend leaving at least 10mm between the top of your wax and the wick core to avoid it poking through. To get you started, we would suggest the following:

How to use wick cores

  • Attach the wick to the centre of the candle glass using an adhesive pad
  • Thread the wick through the centre hole of the wick core, ensuring that the metal wick sustainer fits into the recessed end of the core
  • Press the core down firmly, making sure that the core is vertical and the top is centred
  • Pour your fragranced wax as normal, ensuring that the wax covers the top of the core