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Candle Shack

Pillar Candle Wicking Tool

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Fed up of struggling to wick your pillar candles? Put down your drill and take a look at Candle Shack Innovation Lab's latest invention: the pillar candle wicking tool!

This tool was created to help candle makers insert wicks into pillar candles quicker and easier. Made from acrylic sheet and steel alloy, it is easy to use, reusable and durable.

The pillar candle wicking tool works with:

... And is suitable with all Candle Shack pillar candle cotton wick families and sizes. So say goodbye to your wicking tension headaches and let our wicking tool bring back the joy of making pillar candles!


  • Base: 75mm x 75mm x 6mm
  • Spike: 156mm x 3mm

How to wick your candle using our pillar candle wicking tool

  1. Pierce a hole in the centre of the silicon candle mould using an awl or similar tool
  2. Feed the wicking tool through the base of the mould
  3. Push the wicking tool as far as possible into the mould
  4. Place the base of the wicking tool on a horizontal surface
  5. Rotate the mould around the wicking tool until it is centred at the open end of the mould (note that the mould is now effectively upside down – the open end of the mould will become the base of your candle)
  6. Using your fingers or a pen or pencil, push the inside of the mould downwards against the base of the wicking tool to form a good seal between the mould and the wicking tool base
  7. Pour your melted wax into the pillar mould
  8. Allow the wax to set
  9. Gently pull the wicking tool from the solid wax
  10. Remove the pillar candle from the mould
  11. Shave off excess wax if necessary to ensure that the candle stands upright and doesn’t wobble
  12. Insert a wick through the hole in the candle
  13. Push the wick sustainer firmly into the base of the candle