As any candle-making enthusiast or business owner will know,
it is easy to make a candle but making a good one? That’s another story
altogether. There are many hidden pitfalls as well as countless steps that are
easy to miss, if you don’t know to look out for them.

Take a look below at the most common mistakes in candle
making and learn how to avoid them. Your candle creations will look epic in no

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When you’re starting off

If you would like to give candle making a try, we recommend starting with plant waxes.

The chemical structure of plant wax allows it to be heated in a microwave, which means you don’t have to buy any specialised equipment when you’re just starting off.

How should you heat the wax in the microwave?

Transfer your wax into a microwavable container. To avoid over-heating, remove the wax from the microwave when a small quantity of solid wax is still present. Stir the wax until it has completely melted, then add your fragrance oil.

Some candle makers use a water bath to heat the wax. We, at Candle Shack, do not use this method because:

1) It can be hazardous. You are handling a pan of boiling water, bubbling away with another pan balanced on top of it or inside it – this creates a high risk of burning or scalding.
2) It can also ruin your product – with all that water boiling and splashing around, you could easily get water mixed with your candle wax. Water and wax make a bad combination.
3) Also, think about the planet – water is a precious resource. Why would you want to boil all that water and then throw it away every time?

Craft enthusiasts

If you are enjoying candle making and feeling more ambitious, perhaps you would like to experiment with other wax types. For this, we would recommend getting a double boiler (or bain-marie).

A double boiler will allow you to melt both plant and paraffin waxes in a safe way. The bottom line is that you should always use the right tools for the job - a proper double-boiler uses a minimal amount of water in the jacket, keeps the water contained so there is a low risk of scalding, and the water can be re-used many times.

A typical working weight of a double boiler is around 800g, which will allow you to roughly make 3x 30cl candles at a time.

Small production scale

For small businesses selling candles we would recommend an iMelt 30. The iMelt is a must-have addition for someone looking to grow or already running a business.

It helps you to be efficient with your candle manufacturing operations. An iMelt will ensure that the temperature of your wax remains consistent for prolonged periods of time.

You can make up a large batch of wax and fragrance oil, which ensures that every candle will contain exactly the same mixture and reduce the likelihood of variation within your batch. The iMelt 30 can comfortably hold up to 25kg of wax.

Large production scale

For larger scale candle production, we recommend upgrading your iMelt30 to an iMelt 90.

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